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LR.L1.1860a.Title-page.Paradise and Peri.Jones.jpg
This is an illuminated title page from the Day & Son edition of lithographic illustrations to Thomas Moore's Paradise and the Peri.
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LR.L1.1860a.Peri with dead lovers.Jones.jpg
This image depicts an episode from 'Paradise and the Peri' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh: the Peri, on a mission to find the 'perfect gift' for heaven, observes the death of two plague-stricken lovers--and captures the final sigh of the woman. Found…

LR.L1.1860a.Angel welcoming smile.Jones.jpg
This depicts the concluding episode to 'The Paradise and the Peri', from Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh: the angel finally welcomes the Peri into Paradise. Found in: The Paradise and the Peri (London: Day & Son, 1860). Persistent catalogue record:…

Peri with fallen Hero.Jones & Warren.jpg
This lithograph depicts an episode from the 'Paradise and the Peri', in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. The Peri, on his first mission to find the 'perfect gift' for heaven, sees a hero fall in battle with a tyrant; she descends to capture a drop of his…

LR.L1.1860a.Tyrant of Gazna.Jones.jpg
This depicts a character within the 'Paradise and the Peri', one of the tales in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh.
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LR.L1.1860a.Peri and denying Angel.Jones.jpg
This depicts the opening episode of Thomas Moore's "Paradise and the Peri", from his Lalla Rookh: the Peri, a Persian Angel fallen from grace, is denied entry into Paradise. Found in: "Paradise and the Peri" (London: Day & Son, 1860),
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