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Stevenson.'Twas his own voice.Title-page.jpg
Title page and music for "'Twas his own voice" by Sir John Stevenson.
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LR Clarke Spirit title.jpg
A reproduction of the title page and first page of music from John Clarke Whitfield's 'The Spirit's Song', from 'The Light of the Harem' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Persistent catalogue record:…

LR.L3.WEST.Feramors, Lalla Rookh, Fadladeen.West.jpg
This image depicts the characters of Feramorz, Fadladeen,and Lalla Rookh from Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Found in: Illustrations of Lalla Rookh an oriental romance (London: Longman, 1817). Persistent catalogue record: …
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