Time-line of collected editions, lyrics to the Irish Melodies

As slow our ship

John Kirkwood, 'As slow our ship'

Dublin: J. Cumming, 1833

Oh! breathe not his name

1819, Paris


The Minstrel Boy

1823, Paris


Oh, ye dead!

1825, London

J. Power

As Vanquish'd Erin

 1835, Paris


Oh, ye dead!

1842, Leipzig

Bernhard Tauchnitz

Wreath the bowl

1845, Dublin

J. Cumming

Oh breathe not his name

1850, Dublin.

James Duffy

St Senanus and the Lady ("Oh haste and leave this sacred isle")

1856, Leamington

Thomas Knibb

Eveleen's Bower ("Oh! Weep for the hour")

1862, London and Glasgow


After the battle

1866, Halifax

Milner & Sowerby

'Eveleen's Bower' ("Oh! weep for the hour")

1867, London and Halifax.

Simkin Marshall & Co.; Milner and Sowerby

'The Fortune Teller' ("Down in the Valley")

1875, London


Eveleen ('Eveleen's Bower')

1879/80, London

London Printing and Publishing

Between 1819 and 1880, the lyrics to Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies were published in at least eighty-six editions, in no fewer than eleven European towns or cities, in eight European languages (English, French, Latin, Irish, German, Swedish, and Italian; the Spanish translation was produced in America). The OMEKA collection, Moore's Irish Melodies: Texts and Illustrations, can be searched by individual year in order to explore this history, as the vast majority of these publications are represented within. Searching by city of publication is also possible.

Below is a chronological overview in summary form, indicating the city, year and publisher (but no titles) of all known collected editions of the lyrics to Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies, as collated with the records in COPAC and World CAT. Where a publication is not found in the OMEKA collection, Moore's Irish Melodies: Texts and Illustrations, its details are given in italics.

1819. Paris: Galignani

1820. Dublin: William Power; Paris, Galignani

1821. London: J Power, Longman & co.; Dublin: W Power; Paris: Baudry

1822. London: J Power, Longman & co. (2 edition); Brussels: E. Paul; Pisa: E Perchino

1823. London: J Power, Longman & co.; Paris:Galignani; Paris: Chasseriau; Pisa: E Perchino

1824. London: J Power, Longman & co.; London: W Dugdale

1825. London: J Power, Longman & co. (2 editions); London: sold by booksellers; Dublin: W Power & W. Curry jun.

1826. London: W Dugdale

1827. London:James Power, Longman & co.; Paris: Galignani; 

1828. Jersey: Collins & Payn (2 editions)

1829. London: J Power, Longman & co.; Paris:Galignani


1830. Brussels: E Paul

1831. No editions known

1832. London: J Power, Longman & co. (2 editions)

1833. Dublin: John Cumming (2 editions)

1834. London: J Power, Longman & co. ( editions)

1835. London: J Power; London: Glynn; Paris: Baudry's

1836. No editions known

1837. No editions known

1838. London:Longman & co.

1839. London: Longman & co.


1840. London:  Longman and co.

1841. Paris: Baudry's; Berlin: Stralsund

1842. Dublin: J. Cumming; Paris: Galignani; Leipzig: B. Tauchnitz

1843. London: Longmans and co.;  Leipzig: B. Tauchnitz

1844. Paris: Baudry's

1845. Dublin: J. Cumming

1846. London: Longmans and co. (2 editions); Dublin:  Cumming and Ferguson

1847. Paris: Baudry's

1848. London: Longmans

1849. London: Longmans


1850. London: Longmans; Dublin: J. Duffy

1851. London: Longmans

1852. London: Longmans

1853. London: Longmans

1854. London: Longmans.

1855. No editions known.

1856. London: Longmans; Leamington: T. Knibb

1857. Dublin: J. Cornish 

1858. London: Longmans; Leamington: T. Knibb; Upsala: no publisher (?)

1859. London: Longmans; London: Davidson; Dublin: J. Duffy; Halifax: Milner & Sowerby (2 editions)


1860. London: no publisher

1861. No editions known

1862. London & Glasgow: W. Collins

1863. No editions known.

1864. No editions known.

1865. London: Longmans; Halifax: Milner & Sowerby

1866. London: G. Routledge; Halifax: Milner & Sowerby

1867. London: Longmans; London: W. Mackenzie; London: Simpkin Marshall etc.

1868. Dublin: J. Duffy

1869. Paris: E. Maillet 


1870. No editions known.

1871. Dublin: J. Duffy

1872. No editions known.

1873. London: Longmans

1874. London: Routledge; Leipzig: P. Reclam Junior

1875. London: Longmans; Hamburg: Hoffman & Campe

1876. London: Longmans

1877. No editions known.

1878. No editions known.

1879. London: Longmans; Dublin: no publisher (?)

1880. Pisa: no publisher (?)

Time-line of collected editions, lyrics to the Irish Melodies