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Mokanna unveils himself to Zelica.Paris, 1820d.jpg
This image shows the episode from 'The Veiled Prophet' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookk where Mokanna reveals his face to a repelled Zelica. Taken from from The Works of Thomas Moore, vol. 1 (Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1820), frontispiece;

Crozier's place.jpg
Poverty and public health in Belfast, 1888-1914

Simm RC340 ESQU Atlas - Plate XVII (Plate Cut).jpg
Plates from Atlas:
Plate V (Démonomaniaque)
Plate VI (Maniaque)
Plate XII (Aliéné en démence)
Plate XIII (Aliéné en démence)
Plate XVII (Idiot)
Plate XIX (Idiot) &
Plate XXIII (Idiot)
Plate XXV (Aliéné enchaîné à Bedlam)

LR Attwood Her hands.jpg
A reproduction of the first page from Thomas Atwood's setting of "Her hands were clasped" from 'The Fire Worshippers' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Persistent catalogue record:

New Theatre Royal, Dublin.Victoria and Albert Museum, London.jpg
Charles E Horn's opera, Lalla Rookh or the Cashmerian Minstrel, premiered at Dublin's Royal Theatre on 10 June 1818. The image here is of the theatre as it stood in 1821; the building that Horn knew was replaced after a fire.
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Barnett Paradise and the Peri title page.jpg
Excerpts from the beginning and end of a cantata by John Francis Barnett (premiere Birmingham, 1870) derived from Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Persistent catalogue link:

Aliris with Lalla Rookh.1822d.jpg
This image of Feramorz/Aliris holding Lalla Rookh is from the final episode in Thomas Moore's romance, where the princess discovers that her beloved Feramorz is none other than her betrothed, the Bucharian prince Aliris. It is taken from Lalla Rookk…
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