Searching Simms

The Simms Collection can be searched in the library catalogue. It can be searched by individual title.

Alternatively, if you wish to browse the list of medical publications of this collection, search with "Samuel Simms" in your search terms (keyword search) and narrow the results to Special Collections.


Library Catalogue, Queen's University Belfast Library



It is important to note that there is a variety of Simms material held in Special Collections:

  • Simms as author of history or medical texts
  • Simms as collector of Irish history texts
  • Simms as collector of medical texts

Simms is therefore listed both as (i) author and (ii) former owner of material. A keyword search of "Samuel Simms" will generate both sets of results.

Please note that material relating to Simms medical collection contains the prefix SIMM in the shelfmark information field.

In order to browse the Simms medical collection, select the hyperlink under the added author information in which Simms is listed as former owner.

This will enable you to browse the entire Simms medical collection without having recourse to individual titles.