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Mokanna unveils himself to Zelica.Paris, 1820d.jpg
This image shows the episode from 'The Veiled Prophet' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookk where Mokanna reveals his face to a repelled Zelica. Taken from from The Works of Thomas Moore, vol. 1 (Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1820), frontispiece;

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 326, p. 135: Aldhelm, De laudibus uirginitatis
CCCC MS 326 is an interesting manuscript which attests to Latin learning at the cathedral priory of Christ Church, Canterbury at the end of the tenth century and the beginning of the eleventh....

Crozier's place.jpg
Poverty and public health in Belfast, 1888-1914

Simm RC340 ESQU Atlas - Plate XVII (Plate Cut).jpg
Plates from Atlas:
Plate V (Démonomaniaque)
Plate VI (Maniaque)
Plate XII (Aliéné en démence)
Plate XIII (Aliéné en démence)
Plate XVII (Idiot)
Plate XIX (Idiot) &
Plate XXIII (Idiot)
Plate XXV (Aliéné enchaîné à Bedlam)
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