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The Fortune Teller.IM.8c..jpg
Stevenson's setting of 'The Fortune Teller', from A Selection of Irish Melodies with Symphonies and Accompaniments .. eighth number. Also included are the title-page and the publisher's advertisement.
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Lyrics to '"Tis believed that this harp", from Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies third number, as reproduced in The Works of Thomas Moore volume 4 , 2nd edition (Paris: Galignani, 1820)
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Eveleen's bower.W.Power.1820b.jpg
Lyrics to 'Eveleen's Bower', from Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies second number, as reproduced in Irish Melodies: and a melologue upon national music (Dublin: William Power, 1820)

Mokanna unveils himself to Zelica.Paris, 1820d.jpg
This image shows the episode from 'The Veiled Prophet' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookk where Mokanna reveals his face to a repelled Zelica. Taken from from The Works of Thomas Moore, vol. 1 (Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1820), frontispiece;

NA 2 title page.jpg
Title page, Thomas Moore's National Airs Second Number, published by James Power, London 1820-c1838
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