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Hafed with Hinda, by E.H. Corbould.1860a, p.202.jpg
This image depicts a tender moment between the star-crossed lovers (Gheber warrior Hafed and Arabian princess Hinda) of 'The Fire Worshippers', one of the poetic tales contained within Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Found in Thomas Moore, Lalla Rookh…

Lalla Rookh and Feramorz, in %22this dear valley%22, by George Dodgson.1860a, p. 233.jpg
This image depicts an episode from Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh: the princess and poet Feramorz are together in the Valley of Cashmere. Found from Thomas Moore, Lalla Rookh (London: Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1860), p. 233. Persistent catalogue…

Azim with dying Zelica, by G.H. Thomas.1860a, p. 96.jpg
This image depicts an episode in 'The Veiled Prophet' from Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh, where the hero Azim cradles his dying beloved, Zelica. Found in: Lalla Rookh (London: Routledge, Warne and Routledge, 1860), p. 96. Persistent catalogue record:…
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