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Fly not yet.Harmonized airs from Moore's IM.London Addison, 1858, p.12-3.jpg
Sir John Stevenson's harmonized version of "Fly not yet' from Irish Melodies first number, as reproduced in The harmonized airs from Moore's Irish Melodies ... for two, three, or four voices. Persistent catalogue record:…

Cover.IM.Longmans, 1858.jpg
Lyrics to "Sing, sing music was given", from Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies ninth number, as reproduced in Irish Melodies (London: Longmans, 1858). Also the illuminated book cover, title page, and frontispiece.
Persistent catalogue record:…

Silence is in our festal halls.Cantus Hibernici, 1858, pp. 12-13.jpg
Lyrics to "Silence is in our festal halls", from Irish Melodies supplement, as translated into Latin by Nicholas Torré and reproduced in Cantus Hibernici series second (Leamington: Thomas Knibb, 1858).
Persistent catalogue record:…
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