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Title-page.Croker's Landscape illustrations.J. Power, 1835..jpg
An illustration for 'The Meeting of the Waters', from Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies first number, as reproduced in Landscape illustrations of Moore's Irish Melodies (London: J. Power, 1835).
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As Vanquish'd Erin.Baudry's.1835.jpg
Lyrics to "As Vanquish'd Erin", from Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies ninth number, as reproduced in The Poetical works of Thomas Moore, vol. 2 (Paris: Baudry's, 1835).
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The Meeting of the Waters.Glynn.1835.jpg
Lyrics to "The Meeting of the Waters," from Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies number one, as reproduced in Cantus Hibernici (London: Glynn, 1835)
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