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Clarke.Spirit's Song, 1821.Title-page.jpg
A reproduction of the title page and selected pages of music from John Clarke Whitfield's 'The Spirit's Song', from 'The Light of the Harem' in Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Persistent catalogue record:…

As slow our ship.The works of Thomas Moore.Paris Fain, 1821.v.3 p.116-7.jpg
Lyrics to "As slow our ship", from Thomas Moore Irish Melodies seventh number, as reproduced in The Works of Thomas Moore (Paris: Fain, 1821), vol. 3, pp. 116-17

Love's young dream.W.Power.1821b.p.83.jpg
Lyrics to 'Love's young dream', from Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies fourth number, as reproduced in Irish Melodies: and a melologue upon national music (Dublin: William Power, 1821).
Persistent catalogue link:…

Meeting of the Waters.Power& Longmans, 1821a.jpg
Lyrics to 'The Meeting of the Waters', from Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies, number one, as reproduced in Irish Melodies ... with an appendix (London: J. Power and Longman, 1821).
Persistent catalogue record: …
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