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Students anatomy bellamy024.jpg
Plate LXXI. Vascular System, Plate XIV (veins)
Plate LXXIV. Vascular System, Plate VIII (veins)
Plate LIX. Vascular System, Plate II (lingual artery)
Plate XLVI. Splanchology, Plate IV (ear)
Plate XLIV. Splanchology, Plate II (eye)
Plate V.…

Jex-Blake, Sophia (1886), Medical women a thesis and a history (SIMM R692 JEX) - Cover.jpg
Front Cover.
Medicine as a profession for women. The medical education of women.

Deaver, John. Surgical anatomy  a treatise on human anatomy (1899). Vol. 1 Book stamp of library of Ulster Medical Society.jpg
Vol. 1. Book stamp of Library of Ulster Medical Society
Vol. 1. Plate CII. Muscles of back. p. 373
Vol. 1. Plate CXLI. Temporal fascia and nerves of face. p. 537
Vol. 3. plate CCCCXXVII. Anterior view of the heart and its vessels. p. 477

Medical and physical journal, vol. 2 Nov. 1799, no. viii, plate (between p. 292 & 293) Excoecaria Agallocha.jpg
(i) Vol. 2 (Nov. 1799), no. VIII. Plate (between p. 292 & 293) Excoecaria Agallocha &
(ii) Vol. 6 (Aug. 1801), no. XXX. Plate (between p. 96 & 97) description of oesophagotomy.

Clinica del Parigino Spedale ... plate 4 (risipola semplice).jpg
Plate 4 (Risipola semplice)
Plates 14 (Porrigine forforacea)
Plate 27 (Erpete squamoso centrifugo & erpete squamoso lichenoide)
Plate 35 (Carcino)
Plate 46 (Sifilide pustolosa visciolata)
Plate 51 (Panno melanato)
Plate 59 (Panno lenticolare)
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