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Selection of books from Simms collection (infectious diseases, vaccinations etc.)

Expansion of Belfast in the 19th century049.jpg
Belfast in the nineteenth century:
pp. 6, 18 & 22-23

History of the contagious cholera map without text.jpg
Map of some of the principal places in Asia & Europe visited by the contagious Cholera from August 1817 to September 1834 (p. 198)

Budd's Typoid Fever p96043.jpg
Plate no. 1 (Typhoid fever, lower end of the ileum, 12th day) , p.49
Frontispiece: Plate no. 4 (Typhoid fever, 17th day - lower end of ileum) & title page

Murchison on fevers chart.jpg
Diagram I (Annual number of admissions of each of the continued fevers into the London Fever Hospital, during twenty-four years), p. 50.
Diagram XIV (Admissions of Enteric Fever into the London Fever Hospital during each season of twenty-four…
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