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Simm RC340 ESQU Atlas - Plate XVII (Plate Cut).jpg
Plates from Atlas:
Plate V (Démonomaniaque)
Plate VI (Maniaque)
Plate XII (Aliéné en démence)
Plate XIII (Aliéné en démence)
Plate XVII (Idiot)
Plate XIX (Idiot) &
Plate XXIII (Idiot)
Plate XXV (Aliéné enchaîné à Bedlam)

Murchison on fevers chart.jpg
Diagram I (Annual number of admissions of each of the continued fevers into the London Fever Hospital, during twenty-four years), p. 50.
Diagram XIV (Admissions of Enteric Fever into the London Fever Hospital during each season of twenty-four…

American textbook of operative denistry p484.jpg
Fig. 448 (dentures six year old), p. 484
Title page and provenance notes
Figs. 450 & 451 (positions for extracting upper teeth of left and right hand sides), pp. 486-487
Figs. 441 & 442 (abnormal teeth and jaw)
Figs. 665-668 (orthodontic…
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