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Photograph of European representatives - Boxer Protocol, 7th September 1901 (MS15/6/4/21)

MS 15.6.1B.002.jpg
Portrait of Sir Robert Hart MS 15/6/1/B/02, c. 1860

Tientsin cathedral in Tientsin following Boxer Rebellion

MS 15.6.11G.042.jpg
Shanghai Customs, 1903.

Image of opening page of Vol. 2 of Sir Robert Hart's diary. Feburary 1855 - July1855. (MS15.1.2.003).

MS 15.6.1C.004.jpg
Sir Robert Hart and Lady Hart at Queen's College Taunton, Speech Day, October 16th, 1908.

View of Canton City, c. 1905

Hart Xmas eve diary entry 1863.jpg
Image showing diary entry from General from Christmas Eve 1863 in which Robert Hart reflects on his appointment as Inspector General (MS 15/1/4/160).
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