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Materials from the Hart Collection MS 15/7

Coat of arms MS 15/8

MS 15.6.1.A1.jpg
Hart Family, Ireland ca. 1866. Hart returned to Ireland in 1866, he met and married Hester (Hessie) Jane Bredon (MS15/6/1/A1)

MS 15.6.1.C5b.jpg
Three generations of Hart family, 1909, London. (MS 15/6/1/C5)

MS 15.6.1.F8.jpg
Nollie (Mabel Milburne), 1906.
Hart’s youngest daughter (MS 15/6/1/F8)

Sir Robert Hart, Shanghai, 1 May 1908. Guard of honour for Sir Robert on his quitting China (MS 15/6/6/2)

MS 15.6.1.B16a.jpg
Sir Robert Hart, 28 June 1902 (MS 15/6/1/B16a)
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