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Holden, Luther, 1815-1905. Human Osteology, Inside Cover with Dedication.jpg
Front cover: Queen's College crest on book
Inside cover and provenance notes
Plate L: Humerus (anterior view)
Plate LI: Humerus (posterior view)
Handwritten notes inside book concerning Plates L and LI, side 1
Handwritten notes inside book…

American textbook of operative denistry p484.jpg
Fig. 448 (dentures six year old), p. 484
Title page and provenance notes
Figs. 450 & 451 (positions for extracting upper teeth of left and right hand sides), pp. 486-487
Figs. 441 & 442 (abnormal teeth and jaw)
Figs. 665-668 (orthodontic…

Instructions for accessing Simms Medical Collection via Library Catalogue, Queen's University Belfast Library

Oil on canvas, 1813, based on a work of 1786. This is a copy of portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds, made in 1786. Hunter is shown seated at his writing table absorbed in thought, surrounded by medical specimens and books.

stock photo shelf.jpg
Selection of books from Simms collection (infectious diseases, vaccinations etc.)
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