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Moore's Irish Melodies in Europe

Poetical works of Thomas Moore complete.Longmans, 1852.Cover.jpg

This exhibit, drawn from the collection 'Moore's Irish Melodies: Texts and Illustrations', traces the publication of collected editions of the lyrics across space (Europe) and time (between 1808-1880) by presenting their title page and a selected lyric. Prefatory material or a sample of the binding (through display of the cover) will sometimes feature as well.

'Moore's Irish Melodies in Europe' and its associated collection concentrate on editions dedicated to Moore's Irish Melodies, or sigificant collections of Moore's poetical works.

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Music to Moore's Irish Melodies in Dublin and London

Fly not yet.A selection of Irish Melodies.J. power edition.1x, p. 31.jpg

This exhibition tells the story of Moore's Irish Melodies through the circulation of the original series - as well as edited or newly-composed versions of the project - in Dublin and London before 1881. These were the two main centres for the publication of Moore's music.

Two songs in particular are chosen to demonstrate this circulation: "Fly not yet" from the first number, and 'The Fortune Telller' ("Down in the valley") from the eighth number

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