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Edith Œnone Somerville c. 1946
‘Sometimes it has been hard to believe in the return of the happy days we used to know. But we could not forget them, and remembrance had assurance in it, and asserted that they were only shadowed or hidden for a time. The stories of Horses and of…

The Irish R.M
In the summer of 1913, Somerville and Ross attempted to bring to court a case of plagiarism against Owen Roe and Honor Urse, authors of a collection of Irish short stories entitled By the Brown Big (1913). Somerville and Ross accused Roe and Urse of…

The Suffragettes
The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies was founded in 1897, and in 1910 Somerville became the first President of the Munster Women’s Franchise League (MWFL) with Ross as one of her Vice-Presidents. In the first year of their presidency,…

'Only Goodnight, beloved, not farewell'
After Ross’s early death in 1915, Somerville began a spiritual correspondence with her deceased cousin and literary collaborator and published a further 14 books under the dual signature of ‘E. OE. Somerville and Martin Ross’

At Home and Abroad
Between 1890 and 1893, Somerville and Ross made at least four significant tours, through Connemara (1890), Bordeaux (1891), Wales (1893), and Denmark (1893). They subsequently published account of these journeys in various periodicals and at least…

Amateur Theatricals
Somerville and Ross were both keen amateur dramatists. In 1874 Somerville wrote her own rhyming verse Pantomimic play, ‘Choral’, based on the fairy tale, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. ‘Choral’ was first performed in 1887 by the Somerville and…
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